Natural Dried Leaf Indigo Powder, US Grown
Natural Dried Leaf Indigo Powder, US Grown
Natural Dried Leaf Indigo Powder, US Grown
Tennessee, USA

Natural Dried Leaf Indigo Powder, US Grown

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“Indigo dye” consists of natural colorants, mainly "indigotin" and "indirubin", existing in different species of indigo plants grown tropical to temperate regions in the world. Extracting dyes from these plants vary according to regions and facilities. Our natural dye mentor, Michel Garcia, recently revealed that extracting dye from dried Indigofera leaves or powder is easily done with less bulk to handle and less water and energy required.

This exciting process is demonstrated in the fourth DVD of Michel’s natural dye series "Beyond Mordants: Indigo Intensive and Direct Application of Dyes” following with a method to paint and print with fresh indigo paste directly on fabric or paper.

The indigo is grown, harvested, dried, and macerated into a powder in Tennessee, USA. 500 gm of this powder yields close to 50 gm of indigo paste which can also easily be used for an organic dye vat. Indigo can dye all natural fibers resulting in light to dark shades depending on the type of vat, amount of indigotin, and the number of dips.

For recipes on how to use dry leaf indigo powder, follow instructions here.

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