Natural Dye Workshop DVD Set

Natural Dye Workshop DVD Set

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Collect all three DVDs from Michel Garcia's Natural Dye Workshop series! Extended Bonus Notes on are made available with purchase.

Natural Dye Workshop: Colors of Provence Using Sustainable Methods
Join Michel Garcia in Lauris, France as he shares his knowledge as one of the leading natural dye experts in the world. Learn how he has revised traditional European methods - once laborious and polluting - into simpler, safer, modern recipes sensitive to issues of sustainability.

Natural Dye Workshop II: Colors of Latin America on Wool Fibers Using Sustainable Methods
Resume your study with master natural dyer Michel Garcia in Oaxaca, Mexico, where he explores dyeing traditions of Latin America in depth. Breaking down traditional methods in his signature style, Michel explains how to achieve red, blue, and yellow natural dyes using sustainable methods on wool fibers including some mentions of yak, alpaca, camel, and goat.

Natural Dye Workshop III: Organic Dyes to Pigments: Foundations for the Colors of Europe
Rejoin Michel Garcia in Lauris, France for a survey of the foundations for organic dyes and pigments in his typical style constructing modern sustainable methods with an eye towards historical traditions and chemical and botanical science. Beginning with a playful demonstration with garden flowers, Michel develops pigments and dyes for a variety of applications including inks for calligraphy, paints for printing and painting on paper and silk, pure pigments for watercolor, lake pigments and Maya Blue for wood and plaster walls, and dye extracts for one-bath dyeing of protein fibers.

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