Purchase Policy

Slow Fiber Studios Shop does not issue refunds or store credit on purchases.

All sales are final.

Fabric Purchase Policy:

PRICING: Priced per meter, in USD (1m=39in). Sold in WHOLE meter increments only. *Minimum = 3m per any single color.

MEASURING: Some variation in length may occur due to measuring practices. General measuring practice at the mill is to use "warp length." This means fabric warp is taut when measured. Length under tension is longer than length under NO tension (NO tension is not possible at the mill). We measure under some tension and err on the generous side. Please be advised to take this into account when you measure what you receive.

DISCOUNTS VARY: Given for larger volume based on combined fabric total. 

STOCK: We do not take back orders. Our inventory is replenished as-needed. If we are out of stock and you are interested in a sufficiently large volume (1 bolt=50m), email directly to:orders [at] yoshikowada [dot] com


Natural Dye Workshop DVD 1 and 2 = minimum 25 qty.

Arimatsu Shibori DVD = minimum 15 qty.

Contact: orders[at]yoshikowada[dot]com

Tax and Currency:

  • Prices listed are exclusive of shipping & any applicable tax (CA residents).
  • Applicable tax will be added during your checkout (domestic orders). 
  • Prices are in USD. A charge will be administered for international exchange.&nbsp