10ISS Exhibitions Catalog: Contemporary and Wearable Art of Shibori and Ikat - Revised Limited Edition


The revised limited edition of the exhibitions catalog from the 10th International Shibori Symposium (Oaxaca, Mexico, 2016) features artworks from four of the exhibitions curated for the symposium.

The front of the catalog, printed in English and Spanish, features an essay on "The Meaning of Shibori" by Yoshiko Iwamoto Wada and artworks from Contemporary Art of Shibori and Ikat and Wearable Art of Shibori, curated by Trine Ellitsgaard and Yoshiko Iwamoto Wada, plus abstracts from five additional symposium exhibitions:

In addition, the catalog includes abstracts from five other symposium exhibitions:

  • New Beat: International Student Competition - Wearable Art, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • bandhani flags, Christina Kim
  • Óptica & Háptica, Carla Fernández
  • Color Play: Children's Resist-Dye Works from Chile, Colorearte
  • Joyeria y Papel: Una Colaboración - Kiff Slemmons and Arte Papel Vista Hermosa, Kiff Slemmons

The back of the catalog, printed in English and Japanese, features works from INDIGO EARTH: Shibori Kimono, Past and Present and INDIGO EARTH: Japanese Kasuri and Shibori, curated by Yoshiko Nakamura and Consortium Arimatsu Narumi, plus an abstract from INDIGO EARTH: Children's Shibori, curated by Hiroshi Murase and Consortium Arimatsu Narumi.

The revised limited edition adds full bleed venue images, updated artwork images, an index, and revised Spanish translations.

Edited by Yoshiko Iwamoto Wada; designed by World Shibori Network; translated by Lockwood Education and Lala De Dios; published in USA by World Shibori Network (2017); digitally printed in Berkeley by Community Printers. 21.6 x 28cm (8.5 x 11in); 174 pages; full color images; English, Spanish, and Japanese text. ISBN 9781532327568.

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