Ana Lisa Hedstrom DVD Set

Ana Lisa Hedstrom DVD Set

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Collect all three of Ana Lisa Hedstrom's DVDs on shibori techniques!

Stitch Resist Reconsidered
In Stitch Resist Reconsidered, Ana Lisa Hedstrom presents a variety of ways to create exciting, multi-dimensional stitch-resist patterns and pleats for art clothing, quilts, and art textiles. In the first workshop, Ana Lisa demonstrates hand-stitching methods and techniques to achieve successful designs on a variety of fabrics. In the second workshop, she incorporates the sewing machine and smocking pleater to produce contemporary machine-aided adaptations of stitch-resist.

Arashi Shibori: Language of Stripes
In Arashi Shibori: A Language of Stripes, Ana Lisa Hedstrom gives a complete course on the techniques of Japanese arashi shibori pole wrapping. Using PVC pipes and string, she guides the viewer through the basics to advanced techniques producing beautiful patterns and pleats for clothing, accessories, and art textiles. She displays fascinating vintage arashi shibori textiles and contemporary work from her own archives.

Itajime Shibori: Basic Folds, Variations and Carved Clamps
In Itajime Shibori, Ana Lisa Hedstrom continues her explorations in Japanese textile methods. From the very basics of folding and clamping through more advanced techniques, Ana Lisa shows how to achieve some wonderful traditional and contemporary results with a variety of implements and dye methods.

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