Japanese Shibori Tool Kit

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This kit includes a full set of shibori artisan tools imported from Arimatsu, Japan, famous for its shibori traditions dating back to the Edo period. One each of:

100% Cotton Japanese Shibori Thread

This 100% cotton thread is the same kind used by professional shibori artisans in Arimatsu. It has a soft twist which allows for some give when wrapping fabric, resulting in a cleaner, tighter pattern. Use for all types of bound or stitched patterns.

Hand-lathed Japanese Wooden Bobbin

These hand-lathed wooden bobbins are generally used to create kanoko (dots) shibori patterns, but you may also use them for bōshi (capped), hinode (sunrise), and tesuji (hand-pleating).

Approximately 7 x 2.5cm (2.75 x 1in) outer dimensions; 5 x 1cm (2 x .5in) core; 10g.

Stainless Steel Shibori Hook

Made from stainless steel, these hooks are a modern version of those used by artisans in Arimatsu. Use these shibori hooks to create te-kumo (spiderweb) or miura (looped binding) shibori patterns.

Approximately 23cm (9in) long.

Stainless Steel Shibori Stand

Designed by Arimatsu artisan Mr. Hiroshi Murase for modern shibori practice, these stainless steel shibori stands conveniently clamp to a work surface. Use to create te-kumo (spiderweb), maki-age (crisscross binding), bōshi (capped), or miura (looped binding) shibori patterns from the comfort of a chair.

Approximately 19 x 13 x 3cm (7.5 x 5 x 1.25in); 220g.

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