Japanese Kibiso Silk Skein - 3000dn


Kibiso (also called choshi) denotes silk drawn from the outer layer of the silk cocoon, considered “waste” in comparison to the smooth filament that makes up the inner cocoon. Our suppliers in Gunma, Japan stockpile these uneven remains and reel them into raw, crisp skeins. Their reeling mill is one of only two mills still operating in Japan, and its skeins are rare 100% Japanese silk. Kibiso skeins come in coarse 3000dn and fine 1000dn varieties.

Because kibiso comes from the exterior (about 2%) of the silk cocoon, it contains an especially high amount of sericin protein, which means it takes dye very strongly and offers great opportunities to explore body and texture. Use in its original more rigid state to create sculptural forms, or degum with soda ash to soften the fibers.

Image 2: left, 1000dn; right, 3000dn
Image 3: top
, 1000dn; bottom, 3000dn

 small medium large
50g - 99g 100g - 149g 150g - 199g
~ 210m ~ 360m ~ 510m

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