Libido: Impetus from Instinct
Libido: Impetus from Instinct

Libido: Impetus from Instinct

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Kagoshima, Japan

A vibrant catalog of outsider art from the Libido: Impetus from Instinct exhibition held in Kagoshima in 2012. Organized by Shin Fukumori and Shobu Gakuen, a facility for creative people with developmental disabilities, the exhibition featured works by thirty-seven artists from six facilities spread across Japan.

Drawing its name from Jung’s concept of the libido as “the source of psychic energy that drives all human activities” and Freud’s idea that artistic activities “are the ego’s way of defending itself the libido’s chaotic demands,” the featured works span a multitude of media including charcoal, ink, oil, watercolor, magic markers, and mixed media 3D objects and spacial installations. A true inspiration to those jaded by conventional expressions and predictable visual effects.

Edited by Shin Fukumori; translated by Ruth S. McCreery; published in Japan by The Libido Exhibition in Kagoshima Project Committee (2012). 22.2 x 27cm (8.75 x 10.75in); 41 pages; full color images; English and Japanese text.

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