Natural Dye Workshop I: Colors of Provence Using Sustainable Methods
Natural Dye Workshop I: Colors of Provence Using Sustainable Methods
Natural Dye Workshop I: Colors of Provence Using Sustainable Methods
Natural Dye Workshop I: Colors of Provence Using Sustainable Methods
Michel Garcia

Natural Dye Workshop I: Colors of Provence Using Sustainable Methods

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 Join Michel Garcia in Lauris, France as he shares his knowledge as one of the leading natural dye experts in the world. Learn how he has revised traditional European methods - once laborious and polluting - into simpler, safer, modern recipes sensitive to issues of sustainability.

Includes in-depth explorations of indigo pigment extraction with woad, brewing easy organic vats with fructose and with henna, and building shades with clay paste resist; mordanting with alum and ferrous on cotton including brush and block printing techniques, fixing mordant with wheat bran and dyeing yellow with artichoke, and combining techniques for simple polychromatic effects; a mordant project painting and printing with cochineal and red vine leaf; dyeing with madder, discharging with lemon, cleaning with sulfonated castor oil and marseille soap; polychromatic effects with resist paste, block printing, and over-dyeing, using a variety of mordants and dyes.

Extended Bonus Notes on are made available with purchase.

Indigo Workshop

  • Indigo Pigment Extraction with Woad
  • Indigo Vat 1-2-3! with Fructose
  • Dyeing Various Fibers
  • Indigo Vat 1-2-3! with Henna
  • Indigo with Resist: Shades of Blue with Clay Paste


  • Dark Mordant for Cotton: Ferrous Mordant including Brush Techniques and Block Printing
  • Bright Mordant for Cotton: Alum Mordant
  • Fixing Mordant with Wheat Bran and Yellow Dye from Artichoke Leaves
  • Simple Polychromatic Effects by Diluting Alum and Ferrous Mordant
  • Color Swatch Project Using Yellow Dye from Artichoke
  • Summary: A Variety of Possibilities from Garden Plants and Logwood Extract

Mordant Project: Using Cochineal and Red Vine Leaf

  • Color Swatch Review and Thickened Mordant Preparation
  • Fabric Painting with Alum Mordant
  • Block Printing with Alum Mordant
  • Dyeing with Cochineal and Red Vine Leaf


  • Discharging Mordant with Lemon Juice
  • Dyeing with Madder and Cleaning with Sulfonated Castor Oil
  • Immersion Dyeing: White Designs on a Colored Background Using Lemon Juice Discharge
  • Enhanced Cleaning with Marseille Soap

Polychromatic Effects

  • Reserving Colors Using Resist Paste in an Indigo Dye Bath: Over-dyeing with Blue on Gall Nut Dyed Fabric
  • Four Shades of Madder Immersion Dye
    • Indigo Blue and Clay Resist
    • Osage Yellow and Block Printing with Alum Mordant Paste
    • Ferrous Mordant as a Rust Color
    • Designing with Ferrous Mordant and Dyeing with Gall Nut
  • Using a Clay Resist and Over-dyeing with Indigo
  • Multicolor Effects on Indigo: Using Pomegranate/Alum and Ferrous/Osage/Alum Mix
  • Over-dyeing with Cochineal: Multicolor to Polychromatic

Produced by Yoshiko I. Wada (Slow Fiber Studios); directed and filmed by Andrew Galli (Studio Galli); 2011. 2 discs; 4:3 aspect; 183 minutes; worldwide play; English audio; subtitles in Chinese, English, French, Italian, Japanese, Spanish.


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