DVD: Natural Dye Workshop with Michel Garcia: Colors of Provence using Sustainable Methods. English.


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Dive into a world of natural dye as Michel Garcia takes us on a wonderful journey in this film, sharing his knowledge as one of the leading natural dye experts in the world.  Learn how he has revised traditional European methods - once laborious and polluting - into simpler, safer, modern recipes sensitive to issues of sustainability. 

Whatever your level of interest, "Colors of Provence" is sure to appeal to all varieties of dyers textile enthusiasts and anyone interested in how things work in the natural world.  This film teaches how to use natural raw materials sensibly and artistically. 

DISC ONE: Indigo Workshop using European Indigo (Woad) and ingenious resist paste. Indigo pigment extraction demonstration is followed by two quick totally organic reduction methods to kick start indigo vat.

DISC TWO: Polychromatic color swatch projects on cotton are carried out using a variety of dye plants (oak gall nut, artichoke leaves, sawort, red leaved grape vine), extract (logwood), and insect (cochineal), combined with different  concentrations of two simple mordants. Dipping in the same dye bath, stamping with blocks, brush painting, and discharging effect are explained.

3 hours long; English narration & subtitle

Produced by Yoshiko I. Wada and Slow Fiber Studios, a program of the World Shibori Network

Directed and Filmed by Andrew Galli of Studio Galli Productions.

For more information, click here  Extensive Chapter Notes, Glossary of Terms, and Bibliography are being compiled for the purchasers of this DVD. The instruction to obtain the information is on the DISC One.

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