Japanese Silk Waste Carrier Rod Forms


These stiff forms are a by-product of the silk-reeling process, created when silk filament catches on the reeling machine’s carrier rod. When a substantial amount of silk waste accumulates on the rod, it is cut off to prevent it from inhibiting the machine. These “carrier rod forms” are rare 100% Japanese silk, made of strong but short filaments covered with sericin (gummy protein), and are usually sold to spinning mills to create spun silk. Our supplier in Gunma is one of only two reeling mills still operating in Japan.

Use the carrier rod forms in their original state, boil in hot water to mold sculptural forms, or spin your own silk thread. Remove the sericin with soda ash to obtain soft sheets of silk for felting, papermaking, sculpting, sewing, or other creative endeavors.

Approximately 20 pieces per 25g bag; 80 pieces per 100g bag. Forms are approximately 15 x 1cm (6 x .5in).

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