Hand-tied Te-kumo Shibori Japanese Cotton Towel - Nemaki


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These Japanese tenugui (cotton hand towels) are hand-tied in te-kumo (spiderweb) shibori patterns by a master artisan, 96 year-old Mrs. Tomeko Honma from Arimatsu. She has since retired, so these are some of the last examples of her masterful work.

Te-kumo is considered a foundation of Arimatsu shibori, and despite the apparent simplicity of the technique, great skill is required to tie the fabric with consistency and even spacing. Te-kumo artisans create different patterns by varying the spacing and binding position on each tied unit. This pattern is called nemakiåÊ(tied base).

You can dye and untie these blanksåÊto reveal the shibori pattern, or keep them in their tied state as art pieces. Either way, they are exquisite examples of the art of shibori.

Approximately 92 x 33cm (36.25 x 13in) untied; 13 x 3cm (5 x 1.25in) tied. 100% cotton. Raw edges.

You can learn more about te-kumo techniques and the artisans in Arimatsu from our DVD, Arimatsu Narumi Shibori: Celebrating 400 Years of Japanese Artisan Design.

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