Tsutsugaki: Beauty of Paste Resist Indigo Dyeing


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In Japanese and English. Essay on Tsutsugaki (tsutsu: tube, gaki: drawing) with historical and artistic aspects by Etsuko Iwanaga. Exhibition catalogue of works from Edo to just before World War II. Chapter 1: Celebration (wedding bedding, wrapping cloths with auspicious Chinese motifs), Chapter 2: Celebration II (kimonos and textiles with auspicious Japanese motifs), Chapter 3: Tsutsugaki from Saga Prefecture (from the Miyahara collection), Chapter 4: Life and Festival (items celebrating every day life: shop curtains, firefighter's coat, ritual cloths, horse sashes, torso cloths worn during festivals). Detailed description notes.

Publisher: Fukuoka Art Museum, 2011

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